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Nathan Pasko is a front end developer, designer, writer & musician. The % Daily Value tells you how much an aspect of Nathan contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories in a day is used for general nutrition advice.

Game Soundtracks

Giant's Chalice

Music composed and arranged by Nathan Pasko, except: the Title Theme for Giant's Chalice is a section of Claude Debussy's Dialogue du vent et de la mer, arranged by Nathan Pasko.

I used MIDI instruments to add to the game's old tech motif. I didn't want the music to be a static backdrop. The mix of instruments changes with the player's position as they explore. Sound emitters are attached to each weapon in the game, so as the player collects different equipment, the soundtrack changes further.

S. Pet

Music composed and arranged by Nathan Pasko. The mechanics of S. Pet were inspired largely by the virtual pet toys of the 90s (Digimon, Tamagotchi) but the screen displayed only 4 colors, imitating the GameBoy Color. To make the S. Pet soundtrack I programmed MIDI instruments that were similar to the sound capabilities of the GameBoy Color (whose sound chip in turn was inherited from the GameBoy, and from the NES). The player can toggle the background music on and off, and choose between these looping tunes.

Insane Trap

Music composed and arranged by Nathan Pasko. The soundtrack for Insane Trap was inspired by afrobeat, jazz, and new wave. Development of the game never progressed beyond a few levels, but selections from the soundtrack are preserved here.

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